KOPITU Successfully Welcomes the 50th Anniversary of Friendship between South Korea and Indonesia with a Series of MoUs

SOUTH KOREA, 6 April 2023 – The United Indonesia Micro, Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Committee (KOPiTU) in the context of the 50th anniversary of the friendship between South Korea and Indonesia and coincided with the inauguration of the KOPITU office in Korea.

KOPITU welcomes the Anniversary of Friendship between the two countries with a series of MoUs in the fields of Human Resources, SME Packaging, Business, Tourism, Renewable Energy, Agriculture and many others that can benefit the friendship between Indonesia and South Korea. Yoyok Pitoyo as General Chairperson of KOPITU departed and attended directly to South Korea by bringing KOPITU’s Vision and Mission including implementing the Sister City and Sister State plans for cities in Indonesia with cities in South Korea.

The MoU that is carried out by KOPITU every day while in South Korea is of course one goal with KOPITU’s vision and mission and of course also in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement between Indonesia and South Korea or CEPA.

While in South Korea, KOPITU signed various kinds of MoUs including, First was the MoU with Saekyung University in the field of Education which was signed by YoonSook Shim as President of SaeKyung University, secondly with Soongsil University in the Field of K-Pop Culture, which was signed by Beomsik Jang, Ph.D . President of Soongsil University and Witnessed by the Attache for Education and Culture of the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul, Gogot Suharwoto. The third is with the Korea Contents Business Center which was signed by Kim Yong Kwan as CEO in the K-Culture Industry and with KEPA (Label Company K-POP). Furthermore, with Sung Kyu Kim as President of Jeju Tourism University in the field of Education and tourism.

The highlight was the MoU with Song Young Woon, Ph.D. as the President of Yewon Arts University and Goyang High School of Arts which was witnessed by the mayor of Koyangsi.

The highlight of the KOPITU event in South Korea was closed with remarks by the General Chairperson of KOPITU at the series of events for the 50th Anniversary of Cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea. programs that have been planned and will be developed in support of cooperation between the two countries, Indonesia and South Korea,” said Yoyok Pitoyo.

Also on this occasion, KOPITU was given the opportunity to deliver remarks at the 50th anniversary of South Korea’s friendship with Indonesia and KOPITU is ready to strengthen the CEPA Cooperation program.

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